A tiny British antique store

A tiny British antique store

Entering this lovely shop I step into a world of classic British antiques. Niek, the owner, has a passion for England and the English. In her little shop at the Botersloot you’ll find porcelain, crystal and silverware as you would expect. But besides these obvious antiques there are also somewhat  odd objects to be found here …….. things that make your home look just that little bit more interesting. I am walking out with a stuffed Kiwi bird for which I have the perfect spot!

Adress: Botersloot 48, Rotterdam

Postcode: 3011 HH. Rotterdam

Telephone: 010 – 213 3411

E-mail : antiek-specials@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicos-very-special-Antique-shop/742137515868795

Credits: website Nicos’


A tiny British antique store



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