We’ve lost our heart to this city..

Accustomed as she was to a big city elsewhere the Netherlands, Rotterdam proved to be in a league of its own. ‘Rotterdam is a city you need to learn to love,’ is what you often hear. It’s strange but true… We’ve lost our heart to this city. How come? Well we exploring the city on an almost daily basis. Will you join us?

So, Meanwhile loves Rotterdam.

But we also have a taste for other things like interesting gadgets, peculiar discoveries we make on the web, and remarkable and funny observations during travels at home and abroad. Moreover, we like to look back once in a while and write about the history of the Netherlands and Rotterdam in particular.

Rotterdam Blog: all the info.

Meanwhile writes for those who don’t know Rotterdam or don’t know it well: visitors from abroad or those staying in town for a while or just a few days. That’s why we’ve included practical things like medical care, public transport etc, be it quick and dirty, in this blog. One blog: all the info. We strolls through town, discovers and notices things. Meanwhile is a voyeur, with an eye for the humoristic side of life….

Astrid Bos & Anton van Vliet