Bar De Witte Aap

Bar De Witte Aap

Bar De Witte Aap. Seven days a week the café opens its doors at one o’clock in the afternoon to remain open until very late at night. The day begins quietly with art-lovers and people taking a rest from shopping with a nice coffee, or a refreshing drink. At the end of the afternoon the café becomes more and more crowded with, students, creative people and people coming from the offices nearby. Before you know it you will be enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Rotterdam. De Witte Aap is a lively café at any time, but during the weekends we try to give it a little bit extra. Therefore, on Saturdays we offer you the best DJ’s of Rotterdam.

  • Bar De Witte Aap (meaning White Monkey) is named after ‘Snowflake’, the white monkey that used to live in the zoo of Barcelona until 2003.


  • Lonely Planet, best bar of the World (2009)



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De Witte Aap 05

Bar De Witte Aap

Bar De Witte Aap

Bar De Witte Aap

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