Hotel New York, One of the Coolest terraces of Rotterdam

There are several lists of the best terraces in Rotterdam, and most of the terraces on the list they are really good, no doubt about that, but there are a few terraces really refreshing because of there location at the waterfront of a river or lake.


Hotel New York. / Hotel & Restaurant

Once a busy quay where the liners of Holland America Line used to set sail. Nowadays a trendy hotel and restaurant and a great terrace with a good view over the city and harbour


Location: Koninginnenhoofd 1, 3072 AD Rotterdam at the ‘Wilhelminapier’ , Rotterdam’s ‘Manhattan’, with a few large buildings, New Orleans, Montevideo, The Rotterdam

Terace: in front of the Hotel, direct at the river ‘Maas”, there is alway’s a cool breeze.a very large terrace and often very crowded, but when you ask a waiter for a table, most of the time  he find something for you. Friendly serving. We used to order the “krabbepoten’ (crab legs) with some other sea food and a good bootle of wine.

At the green field in front of the terrace you could pick up a ‘beach chair’. You could easily order a drink or some snacks at the terrace bar and take it whit you to your favorite spot in the green field.

(Look out for the special Dogs ‘poop zone’)

Transport:by metro, bike, or the best way, take a water taxi, fast, funny and cool.


Hotel New York, One of the Coolest terraces of Rotterdam

Photo Credits: Meanwhile in Rotterdam







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