In de Keuken van Floris. A unique restaurant.

{In the Kitchen of Floris}

A unique restaurant for those people who are open to be surprised. In a dynamic atmosphere you can enjoy an entire evening of sophisticated and exciting dishes assisted by bold wines from all over the world. In the kitchen of Floris has no menu or wine list, Patron-Cuisinier Floris Versluijs and Maitre-sommelier Wilfred Roth have already an exciting menu of nine dishes with a varied wine-or alcohol-free sap package for you. Completely vegetarian dining is also possible. At a set time, the aperitif and amuse will change every 25 minutes, accompanying a glass wine, with a explanation of the sommelier. The preparation of the dishes are in an open kitchen in the middle of the guests, so you can follow the whole process closely.

In de Keuken van Floris ha a extensive Champagne list with more than 130 items of which some 70 mainly small producers under the 65.0 € – The champagne tasting is by far the most popular aperitif. This tasting, three half-glasses of champagne houses, vintages and assemblies provides an evening of food emotion. Guaranteed a great evening in a top restaurant.

In de Keuken van Floris. A unique restaurant.


In de Keuken van Floris. Honingerdijk 259, 3063 AM Rotterdam





Credits: In de Keuken van Floris. Photo Credits


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