My little escape

My little escape

My little escape

It all started at the Rotte. Centuries ago Rotterdam was founded at the banks of the river Rotte. More precisely, at the Central Library and the large marketsquare. But if you follow the river (by bike is absolutly the best way) you find yourself suddenly in the middle of nature, green and water. It’s like a mini-escape from the city, into a world of picture-classic Dutch landscapes, with cows in open fields, wind-swept lakes and, of course, windmills. The Rotte is crossed by a multitude of bridges and even a tiny ferry, so you can cross at almost any point and go back on the other bank.

Recreational options along the banks of the Rotte are endless – you can even go climbing or skiing, at any day of the year! I am not all that adventurous so I just rent a small sailing boat with some friends and enjoy the early spring sun. Rosé in the picnic basket and some fine fingerfood bought at the Markthal.


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