New unique future landmark at city of Rotterdam

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New unique future landmark at city of Rotterdam

The Dutch Windwheel is an example of contemporary architecture. The state-of -the-art design consists of two of three-dimensional rings with a light, open steel and glass construction. Because the foundation is underwater, it looks as if Dutch Windwheel is floating. The unprecedented design also embraces maximum opportunities for experience design and energy production. It is a true showcase for climate architecture.

Because the foundation is underwater, it looks as if Dutch Windwheel is floating

Eye catcher

The double ring construction is not only an eye catcher, but also offers a diversity of functions. The outer ring houses 40 rotating cabins on a rail system (giant coaster), the inner ring is an innovative windmill housing a top class panorama restaurant, sky lobby and hotel, apartments and commercial functions in the plinth.

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Sustainable icon

The Dutch Windwheel will be a showcase and accelerator for innovation, renewable energy and the circular and inclusive economy. It is the dynamic showcase for Dutch Design & Innovation and provides a continuous platform to demonstrate technical and technological innovations.



The Dutch Windwheel is one of the most spectacular attractions in the world that can be experienced by everyone. The outer ring houses 40 cabins that run on rails. Visitors from around the world can enjoy an unprecedented view of Rotterdam and the surrounding area from this giant coaster. Visitors look over the largest port in Europe, until the Second Maasvlakte and the sea. From a great height the beautiful architecture of Rotterdam and in the distance the cities of Delft, The Hague and Dordrecht can be seen.

The Unesco World Heritage of Kinderdijk glimmers to the east. This unique ensemble of 19 mills from the 18th century, the symbol of the Dutch water management, will be reachable within 25 minutes with the fast ferry. In so doing one not only visits the contemporary Dutch wind icon, but also the icons of the past.


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New unique future landmark at city of Rotterdam


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