Rotterdam; city of rolled sleeves

Rotterdam; city of rolled sleeves


Rotterdam; city of rolled sleeves. I am a big fan of  bright white (perfectly ironed?) button-down shirts with double cuffs and cufflinks – preferably combined with a pair of well-worn jeans.

However ….

These shirts can be inconvenient ,  in my case the shirt sleeves will be less then perfectly white within the hour.

But wait…

In Rotterdam one has his or her shirt sleeves rolled up, right?

Action speak louder than words – it is the old Rotterdam viewpoint that work pays more than meetings. (of ‘talk’).  In typical Rotterdam jargon the saying warped into ‘Niet lullen maar poetsen (‘don’t dick around, just get on with it’)

In Rotterdam they gratefully cherish the motto which has become synonymous with an appetite for hard work.




Rotterdam; city of rolled sleeves


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