Sausage anyone?

Sausage anyone?

say again… an inflatable sausage?

In the category ‘deliciously disgusting’ the ‘HEMA’ sausages are a serious contender for the top spot: Salty, fatty, piping hot and best eaten with a generous helping of mustard and presented in a simple paper  bag.

Many of the Dutch will from time to time guiltily enjoy this legendary Dutch on the go snack.

In recent years this Dutch sausage success story is finally getting the attention it deserves. You can find it printed on T shirts,  USB sticks shaped as a sausage and , my favourite and most hilarious of all: an inflatable sausage…….!

How it all started

In 1936 the HEMA  branch at the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam started selling halved  hot sausages to its customers. Its store manager had purchased too many sausages and whereas until then they were sold exclusively ‘cold’, he decided to heat the sausages and sell them as a snack in order to get rid of the surplus. It proved to be a hit, and the rest is history!

HEMA Smoked sausages are part of our culture..

Sausage anyone?

Designer: Martijn van MOAM

Credits: internet/website Hema


Design: T-Shirt Martijn van MOAM




02-Hema Rookworstenshirt








Sausage anyone?

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