Old Scuola Pizza Restaurant. Pizzas like pizza’s should be.

Old Scuola. Pizza Restaurant. Pizzas like pizza’s should be. Without concessions, wood fired and of high quality. Beautiful industrial decor, good atmosphere.

Located at Het Industriegebouw, a Rotterdam icon in the ‘Hoogkwartier’, a fast upcoming area, with many new shops, cafes and restaurants. The industrial building is restored in recent years, and now a hotspot where a number of new companies are located, tech start ups, architects including Interior and design Conceptstore Groos and three New Restaurants.

Credits: Images-Facebook- Old Scuola Opening by CHYMO & MORE Photography

Location: Achterklooster 1. 3011RA Rotterdam

Credits: Old Scuola




Oyster Club. New seafood restaurant in the city centre of Rotterdam

Oyster Club. New seafood restaurant in the city centre of Rotterdam

A new high quality seafood restaurant in the city centre of Rotterdam. An all-day concept of international allure, which focuses on the following four core values: cuisine, entertainment, vibe and ambiance.

Oyster Club consists of ‘ Le Restaurant ‘, ‘ Le Bar ‘ and ‘ Le Club ‘ and is ideal for guests between 30 and 65 years. The entourage is chic and stylish. White table linen and waiters in black and white. The menu is varied and of high quality, existing fish, meat, sushi and sashimi. Dishes are classically prepared. Of the ‘ raw bar ‘ can make different kinds of oysters, Fruits de Mer and king crab be ordered. The most beautiful wines, shown in impressive wine cabinets. Mind blowing cocktails, prepared by sexy bartenders. Oyster Club Rotterdam is designed to be a unique experience.




Location:  Rodezand 36 3011 AN Rotterdam

Oyster Club

Oyster Club

Oyster Club

IFFR – International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2018 – 24 januari – 4 februari 2018

IFFR is one of the largest audience and industry-driven film festivals in the world. During twelve festival days, hundreds of filmmakers and other artists present their work to a large audience (2017: 314.000 admissions and 2.298 film professionals). The festival’s Official Selection includes more than 500 feature, mid-length, and short films out of over 50 countries. It aims to organise and stimulate film-related activities in Rotterdam. The 47th edition will be from Wednesday 24 January till Sunday 4 February 2018.

Different locations

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Credits – photo’s: IFFR





Why You’ll Want to Visit Rotterdam

Home to the largest and busiest port in Europe, the Netherlands’ “second city” is now attracting a fleet of designers, artists and architects who are reshaping the Dutch city into an epicenter of urban innovation



FOUR YEARS AGO, Daan Roosegaarde wanted to build the world’s largest vacuum cleaner. The artist-architect envisioned a 23-foot-tall air purifier powerful enough to suck up pollution from city parks using about as much electricity as a plug-in teakettle. Families, couples and friends could breathe easy in the soot-free oxygen surrounding his Smog Free Tower. The only trouble was finding someone willing to fund the machine’s construction. “Sometimes somebody comes with a question, and sometimes we ask ourselves a question,” says 38-year-old Roosegaarde, lanky, blond and amply caffeinated on a stormy afternoon in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where his studio is headquartered in a former glass factory near the banks of the Nieuwe Maas River. “Balancing that allows you to find the space to experiment.”

Instead of waiting for a client to provide funding for a prototype, he turned to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. His Smog Free Project went live in July 2015, and within weeks, backers had pledged more than double the requested €50,000 (about $57,000). Roosegaarde and his team of designers, scientists and engineers got to work, using a grassy patch outside the studio’s back door as a laboratory. They constructed a wind-fueled, ventilated tower that harnesses positive ionization to clean a football stadium’s worth of air in a couple of days. Citizens of Rotterdam came to visit the sculptural contraption, picnicking beside it just as Roosegaarde had imagined. Roosegaarde was already known in the Netherlands for projects like a sustainable dance floor that generates electricity through movement and a van Gogh–inspired bike path that glows at night, and his star continued to climb.


Credits: By  Megan Conway, The Wall Street Journal


Images; Watertaxi  Roel Dijkstra Fotografie / Foto Fred LibochantRotterdam / SS Rotterdam


Langoest, a seafood restaurant with a view on the Maas River and Erasmus bridge

Langoest, a seafood restaurant with a view on the Maas River and Erasmus bridge. Langoest (Lobster) restaurant serves only the finest fresh fish every day, seafood, lobster, oysters. Everything fresh from the Sea. The menu is small but diverse. Think of fresh tuna steak from the grill, bouillabaisse and fruit de mer. Tongue with delicious french fries and Rosemary. For the non-fish lovers there are also some steaks on the menu.

Chef-kok Shi-qian Yi

Location: Langoest. Boompjes 677 3011 XZ Rotterdam

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Credits-Images: Langoest 





Hear. Hear.  Travel super fast from Rotterdam to London St Pancras with the Eurostar Train in 3 hours 15 minutes

In the newly built terminal at Rotterdam Central Station, you can quickly check-in, passport, train tickets and baggage are checked here. When you enter the train, you leave the Schengen area and enters the United Kingdom. 12.5 minutes before departure at the latest you can be present at the customs, a big difference with the check in at fly. You will arrive within three and a quarter hours at London’s St Pancras station (next to Kings Cross). The trains are fitted with chic design interiors and a restaurant. The new train goes from spring 2018 twice a day, in the morning and the evening.   https://www.eurostar.com   Credits: Photography, Centraal station,  Ossip van Duivenbode

La Notte Film Festival. Watch the most bizarre films of eleven Dutch film festivals in one night.

La Notte

November – Friday 24th 

La Notte Film Festival. Watch the most bizarre films of eleven Dutch film festivals in one night.

On 24 november, the second edition of La Notte in KINO, night of the other movie. When night falls, blur the boundaries. In the dark we are more open; we behave more freely or warier. La Notte is a tribute to the movie and night culture. 12 film festivals come together and programming a night full of shorts, premieres, classics, documentaries and a live score.

Strange, beautiful, exciting, romantic, confrontational but above all great movies for which you wake up. The films, the Film Noir Salon, a jazz performance, DJ’s and restaurant offer a non-stop night program. Save the night is not over and visit unlimited La Notte movies with the Nachtpas for €25!



Website Festival 

Kino Film Theater    

Film Theater Kino Rotterdam

 La Notte


Credits: La Notte Film Festival. Kino

A Festival Downtown. Discover the world of electronic music.

Saturday October 7th 2017.

A Festival Downtown presents compelling, electronic music in a unique setting right in the city centre of Rotterdam. During A Festival Downtown De Nieuwe Binnenweg (one of the city’s primary streets) and its surroundings, gets turned into a festival site with several in-and outdoor stages for one day.

A Festival Downtown shows its visitors there is more to discover in the world of electronic music than just techno and dance music.

The lineup contains compelling artists that hail from different origins. Their roots may lie in hiphop but just as well in singer/songwriter, indie or jazz music. In collaboration with Guido van Dieren, BIRD, Cloudhead, Bass Odyssey, Mindtrick Records and Talk Of the Town, A Festival Downtown presents a scope of compelling, electronic music. The lineup contains local heroes as well as national and international headliners.

Keep an eye on the Facebookpage, because the lineup will be announced here in the upcoming weeks.

Various Locations at Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Datum: Saturday, October 7th 2017






Rotterdam Central Station decor of Opera Odysseus

Minora plays a Opera on location, Odysseus: a Opera plays in and around the Station Hall of Rotterdam Central station

The Opera Team offers a glimpse into the world of the traveling man. What are the feelings of this mobile travelers who are so unperturbed by the world move? Departure, desire, alienation, and expectation is what these people in their journey together. The opera is a cross-production, based on the opera Penelope La Casta by

A. Scarlatti with pieces of C. Monteverdi and W.A. Mozart. The performance starts on a neighboring metro station, from which the opera team takes the visitor by playing to the main train Station.

The Greek antique legend of Odysseus and Penelope also remains relevant at this time. Odysseus and Penelope embody the two central aspects of the performance: the (on) move and waiting. Odysseus is the traveler. As a refugee who departs from a war zone, or just the commuter on his way to his work.

Playing at “The Stationshuiskamer in Rotterdam with beautiful views of the station Hall, from 20 to 22 October.


Opera Minora has a special position

Opera Minora has a special position within the Dutch opera culture by an innovative and experimental approach. Opera Minora makes professional performances of unknown room operas on any (UN) imaginable location.

Accessibility, relevance, flexibility and originality with high musical level are the top features of our productions. We hooks to at current events and timeless issues.

The performances are distinguished mainly by the daring locations. Opera Minora chooses for adventurous urban play areas, looking for contact and short-lived fusion between fiction and reality and artists with the (accidental) audience.

The Opera team mixes itself more and more on the streets, leaving dynamics and interaction between opera and the environment.

Opera Minora strives to pick up people from the daily grind to kidnap and spiritually to another world, which, however, has relevance for the era in which we live. A time to physically stopping here and with the spirit to go on a trip.


Friday 20 October: 20:00 hours

Saturday 21 October: 20:00 hours

Sunday 22 October: 14:00 hours





Credits-Images: Opera Minora



Alfredo’s Taqueria (Authéntica Comida Mexicana)

Alfredo’s Taqueria (Authéntica Comida Mexicana). Het Industriegebouw is once again a culinary hotspot richer, Alfredo’s Taqueria. This gives Rotterdam finally an authentic Mexican restaurant where you from Tuesday till Sunday go for all your taco, tortilla and cocktail cravings, including terrace with tropical palm trees and picnic benches.

Located at  Het Industriegebouw, a Rotterdam icon in the ‘Hoogkwartier’, a fast upcoming area, with many new shops, cafes and restaurants. The industrial building is restored in recent years, and now a hotspot where a number of new companies are located, tech start ups, architects including Interior and design Conceptstore Groos and three New Restaurant


Location:   Alfredo’s Taqueria. Goudsesingel 204. 3011 KD Rotterdam


Credits: Alfredo’s