Restaurant Sānsān takes you on a culinary journey. Authentic Chinese – Sichuan kitchen


The restaurant welcomes its guests with a traditional menu full of authentic Sichuan dishes. Chef Li wants with the opening of sānsān its guests acquainted with the cuisine of China, with spicy and tasty dishes. The concept of sānsān is therefore introducing one of the oldest kitchens of China in modern times.

Sānsān takes you on a culinary journey and let your dishes where Chinese self love. A restaurant where you can eat authentic Sichuan cuisine and a taste experience you can find will not be back. The Sichuan cuisine is as yet an unknown kitchen. Sānsān is changing this in The Netherlands. Located in the City Center, nearby De Markthal.

Authentic Sichuan Restaurant is headed by Chef patron Chef Li.

He and his team prepare every day the traditional Sichuan dishes, spicy and tasteful.

Chef-Li, masterchef Sichuan cuisine

Adress: Restaurant Sānsān, Hang 33 , 3011 GG  Rotterdam






Photo Credits: Restaurant Sānsān