World Port Days, Netherlands largest annual Maritime Festival.

September 1-2-3

Theme 2017. Worldwide!

What once started as the one-day event Maritiem ’78 has since grown into the Netherlands’ largest annual maritime festival, which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors over the course of three full days. In 2017, the World Port Days will celebrate its fortieth anniversary with a party of global proportions!

This party will do justice to the greatness of the Port of Rotterdam. After all, Rotterdam is a gateway to the world. On and along Nieuwe Waterweg, you will find ships and goods from around the world. This international character is also reflected in the many tourists from all corners of the world, who want to experience Rotterdam’s unique ability to unite past and future.

The international nature of Rotterdam is also reflected in its focus on innovation. This makes Rotterdam the smartest port and the most important logistical hub of Europe and beyond. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the globe flock to Rotterdam to set up shop and contribute to making each day better than the last; to pave the way and address global challenges such as digitization and energy transition in a quintessentially Rotterdam way.

In short: Rotterdam has made its mark as an international port city. This is something we are proud of. This is something we should celebrate. Time to roll up our sleeves and put on a great festival to celebrate forty years of the World Port Days. This year’s edition will be better and more spectacular than ever….Worldwide!




Credits/Images. World Port Days

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