Schaap & Citroen – Juwelry. Prestigious collection jewellery and watches of world renown brands.

As a leading jewelry store Schaap & Citroen offers an extensive collection jewellery and watches of world renown brands. Prestigious watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Cartier, Officine Panerai, Omega, and Breitling Jaeger-LeCoultre are part of the impressive assortment.
In addition, there is a choice of exclusive jewellery brands on display; from classic collections such as Chopard to the more modern design of Italian top brands like Pomellato and Oromalia-in addition to of course the own Schaap en Citroen Highlights Collection with designs that are manufactured under own signature.

Location: Schaap Citroen. Kruiskade 98. 3012 EH te Rotterdam




Photo Credits: Schaap & Citroen


American Vintage. A brand reviving the very best of simplicity and authenticity

A bold return to the basics, the style is pure, the shapes authentic. Fine essentials layer together and envelop the heroes in delicate and timeless colors. When simplicity is a requirement ! Picture a woman; a radiant, beautiful woman without artifice, in the bare light of her beauty. A fulfilled woman feeling goodabout her body and her life in general, regardless of her age. A natural beauty whose outlook is not depending on what she’s wearing. This is what American Vintage is about : easy, bearable and timeless pieces with enough twist do adjust smoothly to all personalities. A readyto-wear brand that truly has its feet firmly planted in this day and age.
A brand reviving the very best of simplicity and authenticity with 6 key principles.


American Vintage, Rotterdam. Meent, 54-56, 3011 JM Rotterdam




Credits & Images : American Vintage

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Restaurant Fitzgerald, impressive

Restaurant Fitzgerald. Named after the famous writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. A contemporary food and wine destination with a stunning international look and feel, a beautiful interior, modern design with vintage classics. The restaurant serves high quality menu’s with a extensive collection of wines. The impressive fingerfood bar serves a varying international food menu with small international dishes, combined with the outstanding wines. Locates at the Old Harbour Quartier. Open from Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner, on Saterday open for dinner Gelderseplein 49, 3011 WZ Rotterdam




Photo Credits: Fitzgerald,  Jeroen Hofman & René Bosch.

Nhow Bar, Rotterdam building. With stunning views over the skyline

Thinking about a drink at a fascinating spot, think about Nhow Bar, Rotterdam building. With stunning views over the skyline. They serve many different beers, a very good wine list our wine list and a bartender who likes to be challenged to surprise you with the best cocktails and G&T’s. The music is fresh, new and surprising. In the weekends DJ’s will take the mood even to a higher level.

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One of the oldest Cafe’s of Rotterdam

Cafe Rijke & de Wit. Take a beer in one of the oldest Cafe’s of Rotterdam. In the heart of Rotterdam, in the district of Delfshaven, on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 332 there is one of the oldest cafés in Rotterdam, at the Heemraads Square.
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To be build soon. Terraced Tower

To be build soon. Terraced Tower. Provast transforms the office building Boompjes 55-57 in Rotterdam in apartments. The building is located at a prominent spot besides river the Meuse. The redevelopment will be a new landmarks in the spectacular skyline of Rotterdam. The office consist of approximately 12.000 square meters and will be redeveloped into two new residential towers: 360 apartments and commercial units on the ground floor. A great variety on apartments for a diverse public: modern, flexible urban apartments as a starting point. Apartments for sale and rentals. On the ground floor there will be several services, for example a restaurant with a stunning view over the Muse.

Architect: OZ

Adress. Terraced Tower. Boompjes 55, 3011 XB Rotterdam



Credits & Images: Architect: OZ