Rotterdam Central Station decor of Opera Odysseus

Minora plays a Opera on location, Odysseus: a Opera plays in and around the Station Hall of Rotterdam Central station

The Opera Team offers a glimpse into the world of the traveling man. What are the feelings of this mobile travelers who are so unperturbed by the world move? Departure, desire, alienation, and expectation is what these people in their journey together. The opera is a cross-production, based on the opera Penelope La Casta by

A. Scarlatti with pieces of C. Monteverdi and W.A. Mozart. The performance starts on a neighboring metro station, from which the opera team takes the visitor by playing to the main train Station.

The Greek antique legend of Odysseus and Penelope also remains relevant at this time. Odysseus and Penelope embody the two central aspects of the performance: the (on) move and waiting. Odysseus is the traveler. As a refugee who departs from a war zone, or just the commuter on his way to his work.

Playing at “The Stationshuiskamer in Rotterdam with beautiful views of the station Hall, from 20 to 22 October.


Opera Minora has a special position

Opera Minora has a special position within the Dutch opera culture by an innovative and experimental approach. Opera Minora makes professional performances of unknown room operas on any (UN) imaginable location.

Accessibility, relevance, flexibility and originality with high musical level are the top features of our productions. We hooks to at current events and timeless issues.

The performances are distinguished mainly by the daring locations. Opera Minora chooses for adventurous urban play areas, looking for contact and short-lived fusion between fiction and reality and artists with the (accidental) audience.

The Opera team mixes itself more and more on the streets, leaving dynamics and interaction between opera and the environment.

Opera Minora strives to pick up people from the daily grind to kidnap and spiritually to another world, which, however, has relevance for the era in which we live. A time to physically stopping here and with the spirit to go on a trip.


Friday 20 October: 20:00 hours

Saturday 21 October: 20:00 hours

Sunday 22 October: 14:00 hours



Credits-Images: Opera Minora