The start of The US

The start of The US

Delfshaven; port of departure of the Pelgrim Fathers…

Did you know the United States founding fathers started there journey in Historical Delfshaven? It’s here where you find the Pelgrims Church (Home of the well known Pelgrim Fathers, the founders of the United States of America) . You can visit this church and if you are lucky there are people showing you around and telling you the stories from the past. Next to the church there is a restaurant called ‘De Pelgrim’.

As old as the church it harbors one of the few Rotterdam Beer Breweries. Order a Pelgrim and suprise yourself. Ofcourse along one of the fine cheeses and you are good for an hour or two. Be careful though with the beers. They generally contain a little more alcohol than normal. I am taking a walk around Delfshaven with Door enjoying the little art shops and especially the old cafes.

…little art shops, restaurants and old cafes…..



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