ZOO Blijdorp Rotterdam

ZOO Blijdorp Rotterdam

Diergaarde Blijdorp /Rotterdam Zoo has become one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos. Dive into the fully covered Oceanium and make a magical voyage over the bottom of the sea and along coastal regions, meeting many marine and coastal inhabitants such as fish (from herring to sharks), puffins, snakes and a large group of king penguins.

You wander through different parts of the world where you will see fascinating animals that feel perfectly at home in specially imitated natural landscapes. A walk through the fully covered Oceanium, the world of sharks, king penguins, sea lions and yellyfish will take an hour or more.

Discover Europe’s largest and most beautiful butterfly paradise Amazonica (2013). Tropical temperatures, fragrant flowers, thousants of colourful South American butterflies, the awesome anaconda and greedy piranhas. Experience the Amazon!

In Africa you can end up by the Crocodile River. An exciting decking path takes you safely up past a group of large crocodiles! Once you’re at the top you stand eye to eye with the giraffes and at a safe altitude you can admire the other inhabitants of the new savanna such as hyenas, kudus, ostriches and zebras. On the African Gorilla Island you will be delighted by Bokito’s playful gorilla family with their little ones.

Okapis, a rare species of forest giraffe, are back once more in Rotterdam Zoo where they can be found in a new enclosure (2015) resembling the central African jungle. They share their new space with various species of birds and plants that are native to their natural habitat.  Finish your African discovery at the African Vulture Rock next to the savanna.

Continue your voyage through ‘Asia’. Strolling through the Asian marshes you will meet the elephant family in the indoor tropical forest ‘Taman Indah’ (mostly under cover).

Last but not least discover the Ice Cave and have a magnificient view on the polar bears under water in Artica!


Many sections are covered, such as the Oceanium, Taman Indah, the Asia House, Amazonica and the Riviera Hall.


Rotterdam Zoo supports a number of conservation projects in the wild. Blijdorp also actively participates in many breeding programmes for endangered species and is one of the internaional top ten of zoos in this field.



Make the most of your visit to Rotterdam Zoo/Diergaarde Blijdorp and download the free Blijdorp App. Use the interactive map to find animals, plants or monuments, discover fun facts or take or make your own route through our zoo. The app isn’t just handy when you are visiting the zoo but also fun to use at home. The Blijdorp app keeps you updated on everything that happens at the zoo.

Do you want to watch animals being fed or meet a keeper? Choose the activities you would like to see and receive a notification when they are about to happen. You will receive news updates and you will be notified so you can be first to visit new born animals or the newest enclosures. Definitely give the “Don’t miss a thing” route a try or discover a ‘suprising’ Rotterdam Zoo with the “Historical and Botanical Rotterdam Zoo” route.


  • Interactive maps
  • Routes & creating routes
  • Animal and plant information
  • Information about monuments
  • Activity calendar
  • News
  • Opening times of the restaurants
  • Webcams (Indian rhinos, elephants and tapirs)
  • Animal vocalisations
  • Search function





Credits: Rotterdam Zoo





Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam
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